Bringing the Outdoors In: Indoor Plant Care

[ad_1] It’s no secret we love adding plants to our indoor spaces. Every room in our apartment is full of everything from small cactus and succulents to hanging plants and indoor trees. We’re not exactly sure where our love for bringing the outdoors in began, but thinking back on it[…]

IKEA Australia | Affordable Swedish Home Furniture

[ad_1] Gardens don’t just have to be for windows or outdoor areas – think outside the box and create DIY gardens all over your home. Use shelves to create a living art wall, bring life to empty spaces like the area above a door, and create a thriving rainforest in[…]

Bring the Outdoors In: 10 Naturally Gorgeous DIY Projects

[ad_1] If you’re itching to get outside this summer (seriously, who isn’t?), help bridge the time between nature walks by bringing the most beautiful parts of the outdoors inside. With a little DIY inspiration, garden blooms turn into wall hangings, a slice from a fallen tree becomes a side table,[…]

Senna Grey Outdoor Rug – 9’x12′

[ad_1] Bring a Southwestern touch to outdoor styling with the Senna Grey Outdoor Rug. Made entirely from recycled materials, a grey, maroon, and umber stripe pattern makes for a perfectly stylish area rug, indoors or out. Store inside during inclement weather. Ships via Common Carrier Specifications Availability Shipping & Returns[…]