Low Light Duo

These plants are perfect for lower light levels making it easy to bring the outdoors in while you’re adjusting to life inside. This potted duo includes a Marble Queen Pothos in a medium Nova planter and a Snake Plant Laurentii in a medium Nova planter. We add a layer of[…]

10 Tips on Growing Poinsettia Plants

During the winter months, many gardeners entertain themselves by bringing the outdoors inside. Among potted plants, poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) are a popular and intriguing variety. They are available in colors ranging from red to white, and combat the dreary conditions outside with the flavor of the tropics. Did you know?[…]

How To Debug Plants Before Bringing Them Indoors

Putting your houseplants outside in the summer is great for them! But, how do you bring them back indoors in the fall without ALL of the bugs!? This method of soaking plants in soapy water is easy, has many benefits, and works great! It will get rid of spiders, houseplant[…]